04 07 2017 // Damplein 13, Antwerp, Belgium


Zeppeling bringing sexy back to the Damplein neighborhood

For a long time the neighborhood around Park Spoor Noord just didn’t look very appealing to us. Not even when they pimped the park. But then one cool place after the other started popping up and we kind of felt forced to go and take a look. Especially after a personal invitation from Zeppelin. Boy, were we happy we did that!


One of the liveliest places in the north of Antwerp is the Damplein area. There we found this bar called Zeppelin and we instantly fell in love with their cosy terrace. An appaling basketball field, the necessary light cords, cute wooden benches and some shrubberies to top it all off. This place really lightens up the Damplein. During summer time it is the ideal spot to escape the crowds from Park Spoor Noord and still enjoy the outdoor cosiness.

Inside there’s a vintage feel that dominates. The chairs, tables, lighting and the bar… Everything breathes a homey atmosphere but then in a bar. Don’t expect fancy cocktails and posh people.


No… Zeppelin is the kind of bar you stay at all day, feeling at ease from dusk till dawn. During the day you enjoy their coffee with a piece of homemade cake in between. At night you just appreciate a simple beer (there’s plenty of choice when it comes to beer on tap) and sometimes an event. Whether it be cheese- and beer night, a barbecue, soccer or a bingo game. At Zeppelin they will arrange for it to happen.

Zeppelin also takes your stomach into consideration, whether you’re in for a small or a bigger treat. Soup or toasts, they have it. If possible, try their spaghetti. Marijn, the very nice and enthusiastic owner, swears they serve the best spaghetti of Antwerp! And we have to admit: it is good…


Opening hours

  • mon 11:00 - 0:00
  • tue 11:00 - 0:00
  • wed 11:00 - 0:00
  • thu 11:00 - 0:00
  • fri 11:00 - 0:00
  • sat 12:00 - 0:00
  • sun 12:00 - 0:00

Why Zeppelin ?

  • Spaghetti
  • The cozy terrace during summer months

The location of Zeppelin


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