20 04 2017 // Eglantierlaan 26, Antwerpen, België

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When fall is finally here, as a child you have certain obligations. Picking chestnuts and beetnuts, or collecting leaves in every possible fall color are just a couple of them. The ultimate place as an Antwerp city dweller to do this kind of activities is probably park Den Brand or the Nachtegalenpark right outside the city center.At the sight of the red, yellow, orange and brown colors, we were feeling kind of nostalgic and we therefore made a go for a nice park stroll. We have to admit though that our attempt at a nice walk down the park was soon stopped because of the cold and drizzly weather. So we took refuge at a cozy bistro named Pompidou.

At Pompidou they know exactly how to prepare for the cold weather. Before entering the bistro, you are welcomed in their winter chalet. The tone is immediately set due to the sheepskin on the chairs and the heaters: cozy winter, yet warm.

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Maar eenmaal je binnenkomt, waan je je ergens anders en vergeet je even de koude van buiten. Pompidou brengt namelijk een vleugje Parijs naar het Antwerpse. Beneden een prachtige marmeren bar, koperen verlichting en een gezellige sfeer die de Wilrijkse wijk rondom perfect weerspiegelt. De bovenverdieping geeft je een prachtig uitzicht over de boomtoppen in de mooiste herfstkleuren. Binnen krijgt de ruimte een groene touch door de verschillende plantjes aan de muur en aan het plafond.

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But once you make your way inside, you’ll completely forget about the cold weather outside and think you’re someplace else. Pompidou brings a hint of Paris to Antwerp. Downstairs there’s a lovely marble bar, copper lighting and a snug atmosphere which perfectly reflects the Wilrijk neighborhood. The upper floor has a great view over the tops of the trees with their beautiful fall colors. The interior was given a green and wooden touch by all of the different plants and succulents on the wall and hanging from the ceiling.

We instantly start drooling all over the place when we take a look at the menu and when we look at the suggestions board (which is totally tuned to the game season) we can’t contain ourselves any longer. “Can we get a little bit of everything please? Thanks!”

Anyway, we have our weight that we need to consider just a little bit and so as a starter we chose the parmigiana and the daily dish for only 15 euros as a main course. The parmigiana, a millefeuille of eggplant, ratatouille, tomato, ruccola and parmesan cheese is so good that we almost regret not ordering it as a main course.

But then the waiter serves the daily dish. Pickled chicken, perfectly fried without being dry (something we never seem to achieve at home) in a curry sauce with rice and vegetables, topped off with a hint of cilantro and a sauce with a mayo base… It sounds simple and yet it completely startles us. We can’t but stammer multiple times that it is super duper delicious.

We round up with a nice little chat with the managers. These two gentlemen obviously know what they’re doing with their honest yet delicious cuisine – sounds o so cliché, but in this case it is totally appropriate.

Whoever is not yet in for a trip to the green southern lung of Antwerp (we get it, it’s cold and wet), really must do this during the summer months. After a nice summer stroll in the park, Pompidou is your perfect closing moment. They have a very cosy terrace and you can also enjoy some live music. If this can’t convince you either,we can’t say anything else but the fact that you disapoint us…

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Opening hours

  • mon 11:00 - 23:45
  • tue 11:00 - 23:45
  • wed 11:00 - 23:45
  • thu 11:00 - 23:45
  • fri 11:00 - 23:45
  • sat 16:00 - 23:45
  • sun closed


  • voorgerecht 15 - 20 euro
  • hoofdgerecht 20 - 30 euro
  • dessert 5 - 10 euro

Why Pompidou ?

  • franse sfeer
  • eerlijke keuken
  • vriendelijke bediening
  • live muziek

The location of Pompidou


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